About Us

Our hope and goal is to create a internet shoppe that vendors/sellers can list their products for sale to collectors and buyers of items. Products that may be one of a kind, vintage, collectible or repurposed. The products will include all categories. Furniture, clothing, toys, industrial items, shabby chic, men and women's clothing and accessories, all types of collectible items, salvaged and repurposed, garden, household, automotive. In other words just about everything. The products must be in good condition, and if electronic, electical, or mechanical in working order. No junk will be allowed. Nothing offensive, prohibited, banned, or illegal will be allowed. No weapons or ammunitiom. The only exception being collectible and vintage knives.

Offensive language will not be allowed to describe a product or used in any manner as feedback or commenting.

Shopping is free, you must register to purchase a product, payment thru PayPal only.

Sellers/Vendors must register, have a PayPal account and apply to become a shoppe owner.

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