McDonald's Vintage Building Letters

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$ 300.00
Product name McDonald's Vintage Building Letters
Weight 30 LBS
Product Description

Two cast metal vintage McDonalds M's for outside store display.

Will deliver with 150 miles of 95608.

Shipping available at buyers request , arrangement and cost.

Sold seperately for $300.00 each or $550.00 for the pair.

Product Tags These M letters were salvaged off of an old McDonalds store in the 60s or 70s. they are in good condition with the bolts still attached on the back for mounting. Each one measures 45 inches high x 60 inches wide. Price $300.00 each or $550.00 for pair. Free delivery within 150 miles. Other shipping to be arranged by buyer. Payment: PayPal only
Seller Treasures Warehouse
Company DRC Associates
Company Name DRC Associates
State / Province California   Carmichael
Country United States
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